How Hard is it to be happy? Very hard

“ Take Deep breaths and hold it for 5 Seconds before you breath out. ”

This is the same thing i see in every YouTube video with titles like how to be happy in five minutes or how to make yourself feel better. Well i tried most of those weird excercise and the only thing that changed was that i came to know i wasted 7 mins of my life

And we all must’ve gone through this. That even though we have a thousand songs in our phone. The one’s we’ll always listen to are the ones which are sad. Which will make you cry. And sing that song with academy award winning acting performance. 

To be honest. There’s no escape from problems. Just try to remind yourself things will be normal. (Even if it’s a shit storm in your life) it will be normal. 

The best way to make yourself happy is. Do what you love. Write, listen music, make someone smile. Also don’t think about hurting yourself or anyone else. It’s not worth it. 

If you leave the world now. You might never know how beautiful life is. I know. I’ve gone through it. I would’ve never experienced those beautiful 2 years of my life. Don’t be sad. Things change. It takes time. But they change. 

Success story (Fuck yeah!)

Yes it is my success story.

* Drumroll *

Just kidding. It’s nothing special. Still it’s new year. New beginning / every years same bullshit.

Every year we promise we’ll do amazing things. Find new stuff. But after 365 days all we find is some friend’s fun affair about which we gossip for 100 days. 

Or New enimes aka ex-friends. 

Each 1st of jan. We promise we’ll be happy. But on the second of jan. We kept scrolling on Twitter or Instagram. Looking at perfect models living  lavishly.

And we look at ourselves. Wearing ugly sweater and lots of fat.which we cannot get rid of.

How hard is it to be happy? I hate whenever someone says that.

But still. It’s not that hard. Nor its easy. 

While I’m writing this. My cat is sleeping. Well she does that everyday. But still. Her level of happiness. Is something i wish we all had.

Idk how you guys celebrated new years eve. But i surely had lots of fun. Went to an amusement park and danced till 2 in morning. And on the first day. Legs were sore af.

So guys. It’s just the second day. Plan something. Smile more. Ignore the bullshit. And I hope you achieve whatever you guy dream about. 

I hope you guys get enough sleep and lot’s of money! The sweet aroma of money 😍. Have a nice day. 

Piki the cat. (bestfriend)

Everybody needs a best friend. 

Cliche. Yes it is.

But it’s also true , okay coming to the topic. Ever wondered. How this living being who was a stranger suddenly becomes such an important part of your life. Some leave good memories. Some.. Well fuck them!!

So it was 8th may 2016. Yes. Mother’s day. Also it was sunday. It was 10:45pm. Decided, to go out as i was craving for some ice cream. 

As I walked out of my house. the road was empty and the climate was pleasant and much better. As i got my regular chocolate cone from the old uncle who owns that general store. I walked and stood near the lamp post. Enjoying my ice-cream. 

As i was enjoying. I looked up and saw a kitten. A very young kitten. Hardly few weeks old. She was sturggling to walk. I saw that kitten coming towards me. Looked around to see for his mother. But it was just that kitten. Skinny and very young. 

As i finished my ice cream. I moved my hand over her head and pet her. 

“ should I take her home? ”   i was constantly thinking. It’s always a struggle for everypet lover who can’t carry a stray cat or dog to home because. Mom hates cats or dogs or whatever. 

I decided I won’t take her home. Cold-hearted for a moment. Moved my legs and started walking back towards my house while that little helpless kitty was still meowing. Have to say it was pretty loud.

Constantly kept thinking. 

“ What if some dog attacks her? How would she protect herself? They might kill her. ”

Stopped walking and i looked back. That tiny kitten appeared tinier. Walked back and picked her up. Her nails were all in my skin as i picked her up and took her to my house. As usual my mom wasn’t happy. But somehow dad and i convinced her. { Thanks dad! }

She looked happy or excited. She kept running throughout our house. I offered her some warm milk. That night she slept beside me while i couldn’t sleep at all. Was worried. I might hurt her while i was asleep.

Today it’s been more than 6 months since i got that cute cat. I named her piki. I have no idea what that name means. But it sounds cute!  That skinny kitten about whom once i was worried that would it survive or not. Today. She all grown up (kinda). Fights the one who starts fight with her. And plays all day. Also she loves sitting on my shoulder. 
Who says you always need a man or a woman as your best friend. A dog or cat or rabbit or any animal could be your friend. Just give love. To get loved. 

Have a nice day!

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